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26 July 2005 @ 11:51 am
Why don't I like Fun Fur?  
My politely worded reasons

1. Fun Fur is a lower quality hairy novelty yarn than Smash, Happy, Eskimo, and other "LYS"-ish lines, and it's not any cheaper. A ball of FF costs about $4 or $5, and those other yarns cost either $5 or $6 but come with 20 more yards so that you can actually make a whole scarf from just one skein and not have to buy two (the remainder of which usually sits around the house for years.) Anyway, it's lower quality because the hairs fall out a lot, making it suitable for kid things because half the time kids outgrow or get tired of things really quickly. (BTW, I have no experience with Joann Cello, but the reviews on the Joanns site seem pretty bad.)

2. Lion Brand's designers seem to not know when to stop. They want everything to be either made of FF or be trimmed with FF. Their summer campaign is not "get an early start on your winter season gifts!" but "cover the straps of your flip flops with FF!" There's a heady air of instant gratification around the FF craze--use it now!! Buy it now! Make those scarves that one can finish in two days NOW! Quick, before the fad dies.

3. The fad ate the clothing yarns. Lion Brand discontinued Cotton-ease and Kool-wool, two very clothingy practical blends (cotton or wool and half acrylic), and added Metallic and Self-Striping Fun Fur instead. Self-striping?! What, for people too lazy to change skeins? I totally understand the reasoning behind self-striping sock or hat yarn--when knitting in the round, there's no way to easily change color without having to deal with that little gap thing. But self striping fur? Instead of a cotton blend that everyone makes real clothing out of?

What do I like?

1. Patons Cha Cha. It's a curly hairy yarn that's a lot like Bernat Eyelash, not a straight hairy one, but it's really lush and thick and comes in great colors. You can knit it by itself on 10's and it feels super-thick.

2. Happy--you can tug on the hair and they won't come out. Amazing.

3. Bernat Boa. Although the tank top I made entirely out of brown Boa (with worsted behind it) is a little too poofy to be satisfying. I think these novelty yarns do better as a trim, really.
Vox Auroraevoxaurorae on July 26th, 2005 07:22 pm (UTC)
They trim EVERYTHING with fun fur. They are like the 'Disney' of yarn. Mirrors, picture frames, wastepaper baskets, headboards, pencils, you name it. I'm so incredibly sad about the Cotton-ease, too. It's $4.82 even at the cheaper places I've seen it, and it has neither the snuggliness nor the durability of the others. However, it is mass-produced and comes in a zillion colours, and has that sticker that makes it a few cents cheaper than the others, and that's what appeals to a lot of knitters who are just here because it's trendy.
Kitten in a Mitten: supercute girlfriendsdreamplum on July 26th, 2005 07:24 pm (UTC)
If you're really desperate for CE, I can get you pistachio and possibly Candy Blue for $3 a skein--moondroplette's Joanns had them over the weekend.

Yes, Funfur comes in a bazillion colors, but when you add together the total range of Eskimo, Happy, Funny, and all the others, it's probably a larger variety AND better quality.