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28 July 2005 @ 01:06 pm
heeeeeeeeeelp!! :D  
OK, so after the discussion the other day of alternatives, I pulled out my Patons Allure (in amethyst) and proceeded to start knitting on a scarf for myself. But OMG it's SO soft, and SO lucious, and SO decadant, that there is no possible way I can make a scarf out of it. I need to make something else!!! Suggestions? Have any of you knit non-scarf items with this before?
Current Mood: energeticenergetic
Current Music: Merrill Bainbridge
Kitten in a Mitten: supercute girlfriendsdreamplum on July 29th, 2005 10:06 pm (UTC)
I've never worked with allure before. I'm glad to hear from you that it's a cool yarn, because I've always loved the olive green tinted one.

How about a pillow? Make it a triangle, to be different.
tamara's girlstar_spark on August 25th, 2005 04:32 pm (UTC)
i know it's a little late...
what about arm warmers? or leg warmers?